The New Artemis
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If you’ve been on our website today, you might have noticed that we’ve added direct links to all of our regular series. We thought this was a better way to share the diverse content we feature without having to always go through the menu system. We’re adding many articles to all of these so keep an eye on your favorites!

We’re passionate about highlighting explorers and adventurers of all ages, genders, backgrounds and walks of life. But, given the name of our site, we love stories about women who break the mold and set out to tackle monumental goals. In the past we’ve shared a few stories of women and girls being awesome, and we will continue to do so as part of our ongoing Living Artemis series. Living Artemis means two things—women who are alive, currently, and making waves in the world; and women who “live like Artemis” and have strong relationships with nature and their communities. 

We hear regularly from men and women who appreciate that we don’t classify gear, travel, and exploration as specific to just one portion of the population, and we hope you’ll enjoy more coverage of adventurers who inspire us to take risks and be better people.