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I figured a few of my followers would find this interesting..

Specifically sakitup, thenewartemis, cadetartemis & beanbagsaregreat

As some of you know Victorinox, which owned Wenger (The other Swiss Army Knife company)….closed Wenger down officially this past year. But starting today Victorinox is releasing new knives under the banner of “The Delemont Collection.” In a nutshell they’re the best of Wenger’s knives featuring the locking blades, recessed screwdriver and wrench tools mixed with the superior awl, corkscrew and can opener/flathead tools from Victorinox knives.

I’ve been sitting on this info for a solid 6 months now.

This is probably the biggest shake up to the Swiss Army Knife world in a solid 20 years. I’m very eager to get my hands on several of these knives. I’ve always felt Wenger’s knives were overpriced and poorly constructed in comparison to their Victorinox counterparts. But I also like some of the specific items only found on Wenger’s knives. 

I’ll be picking up the S557 fairly soon. It’s always been a favorite of mine for overall EDC pocket carry, but again the quality was crap. Now that might have changed.